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20 Mar Decorative Screen Walls

Lock Up and Leave. Secure Your Home with a Limestone Decorative Screen Wall.

Limestone decorative screen walls can be built to match any style of house or home and provide your family with much needed security and privacy. Limestone screen walls consist of a base of limestone blocks with piers evenly spaced with infill between each pier.

A letter box can be built into a pier with the option of installing pier caps to the top of each pier.Limestone decorative screen wall constructed ready for the installation of gates and slats to secure this home. With a wide range of infill styles such as wooden slats, aluminum slats, wrought iron, stainless steel wire, and decorative metal screens you can customise your decorative screen wall to suit your home.
Limestone decorative screen wall constructed ready for the installation of gates and slats to secure this home.

As blocks shrink in size many homes no longer have a back yard so it is important to have a safe and secure place for children to play, along with the much loved family pets and more often than not this has become the front yard. The demise of the Aussie back yard has meant many homeowners have no alternative but to install swimming pools in the front yard as well. This has seen an increase in the need for secure and private front decorative screen walls.

Unfortunately we are all seeing an increasing number of cars crashing into homes on a regular basis and a decorative screen wall can add another much needed buffer layer of protection for your family. In some cases you may be able to build a solid full height 1.8 metre high limestone decorative screen wall if your home is on a busy road, subject to building approval which Creative Limestone can guide you through. An added bonus of building a decorative screen wall from limestone is the acoustic benefits which can reduce the noise from traffic. Whatever your situation Creative Limestone can design a decorative screen wall constructed from limestone to suit your needs. Call us on 0438 323 213.


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