Make The Most of Your Property on the Mandurah Canals
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canal wall construction in mandurah

04 Jul Make The Most of Your Property on the Mandurah Canals

Retaining Walls: Helping Make The Most of Your Property on the Mandurah Canals

Limestone Wall Mandurah Canals 

If you’re lucky enough to live along the beautiful Mandurah Canals, you might like to consider a limestone wall or retaining wall for your property. Building a retaining wall will not only improve the structure, appearance and value of your waterfront property, it can also help you make the most of your outdoor space. Mandurah is renowned for its scenic canals and the idyllic waterfront lifestyle on offer in this beautiful region of Western Australia.At Creative Limestone, we specialise in working with this unique local landscape to create beautiful, functional structures that make your house a home.Today we explain how the simple addition of a limestone retaining wall can give your piece of paradise a total lifestyle makeover.

The Benefits of Limestone Wall Construction in Mandurah

Retaining walls by Creative Limestone provide functional support and maximum stability for your property. Each project is individually designed by a specialist engineer to ensure your retaining wall not only looks great but is strong, practical and safe for you and your loved ones. Limestone retaining walls serve many purposes, from keeping soil in place, helping to prevent flooding, reducing maintenance, preventing erosion and assisting in reducing the risk of any associated damage to your property. Or simply, to add a striking design element to your outdoor space. By creating retaining walls that complement your property’s access to the waterfront, Creative Limestone also allows you to maximise your meterage and enjoy more room to move. All Creative Limestone retaining walls are built to be functional and beautiful. We can custom design limestone walls to complement the unique style of your home and the natural surrounds of your local area.


Build an Undercroft

Limestone Walls Mandurah Undercroft 

We can also provide in-built storage to hide away those kayaks, fishing rods, and any other outdoor and sports equipment you might have. An undercroft provides extra space-saving storage for your Mandurah home, and importantly, it’s out of sight. This creates more space in your home and garage to maximise the presentation and appearance of your property. Having a secure, dedicated outdoor storage area for your boating, fishing and sporting equipment also acts as that extra encouragement you need to switch off the screen and head outside to enjoy the canals, the great outdoors, and beautiful natural surrounds of Mandurah and Western Australia.

Make it Happen

Limestone Retaining Wall Mandurah 

The process of limestone wall construction in Mandurah and surrounds involves excavation, engineering and shire approval. But when you choose Creative Limestone, all of the hard work is taken care of for you. We are specialists in wall construction and project management, so we can complete the entire build and approvals process for you from start to finish. When you choose Creative Limestone to build your limestone wall or retaining walls, we will create a bespoke design unique to your property, style and specifications. We will arrange for all council and engineering approvals and manage the project to ensure it is built on time and on budget. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy your new outdoor space.


You already have the waterfront home, now it’s time to start living the waterfront lifestyle. Let Creative Limestone make the most of your home with specialised retaining wall and limestone wall construction in Mandurah.


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